Red by Example - an accessible reference by example

Last update on 20-Dec-2019


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Getting started With Red

Basically, you need to download the Red system (very small) and use a text editor.
Ungaretti explains possibilities at:

There is another editor by Mike Parr at:

There are a number of advanced options (e.g. about compiling programs for different
architectures), and these can be displayed by typing:

red -h

at the Red console.

How to use Red By Example

1. if you know the word to search for, you can use the alphanumeric index
on the INDEX page

2. if you are searching for a given functionality, try to browse the index
per category on the INDEX page

3. if you remember part of a word use the browser search function by pressing CTRL+f
on the INDEX page

4. when viewing a words' docs, you can immediately jump to any category it belongs to

5. in the INDEX page you can jump to the top of the page from anywhere

Some remarks concerning the examples

1. falsey = (any expression evaluating to) none or false

2. functions getting wrong arguments generally produce a specific script error

3. this page is not intended to be used for Rebol - too many differences

4. returned value of a Red expression will appear as is in the text of a word doc

5. printed values will appear in blue in the text of a word doc

6. extra explanation will appear in green in the tex of a word doc