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Other websites about the Red language

Note that, from the learning aspect, Red is very close to Rebol 2. Rebol 3 is also similar.

Official Red website
and its Getting Started page.
Here is an overview of its current contents.

Red on Github

Red on Facebook

Red Google group

Ungaretti's exellent Red tutorial with notepad++ usage.

Nick Antonaccio's Red website

Various categories of demo programs, uploaded by the Red community.

Beginners Reference Guide. A short introduction to Red, by Alan Brack.

Introductory GUI examplesShort powerful examples by Alan Brack.

Rebol - Interview with Rebol's designer, Carl Sassenrath Focusses on how Rebol makes it easy to create DSLs (domain-specific languages) with 'parse'.

A Logo language system, created with Red's Parse.

A Basic language system, created with Rebol's Parse.

Rebol cookbook examples

Overview Of has articles about the new features of each release, as well as relatively
static pages about getting started, documentation, and downloads.

Sneak peek at Red on Android

A short overview of the implemented features so far for Red/View backend on Android.

Roadmap Updates

After the successful token sale, changes to our old Red development roadmap.
0.64 release.

Red Foundation news

The structure of the Red Foundation.

Red, Rebol & Carl

A visit to Rebol's creator, Carl Sassenrath, in California.

Red in San Francisco

The Red team visit California, with a focus on blockchain and expansion.

RED Token Sale Success!

RED Token Sale Success!

Registration Special Offer

Red tokens: registration special offer.

RED: here we go!

Token information.

Answers to community questions

ICO-related questions.

Leaping into the future: Red goes blockchain!

Why the blockchain?
Red C3 (CCC - Cross Chain Code).
Red Dapps - DecentralisedApps.
Red Foundation.
Red community 2.0: RCT token
Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

0.6.3: macOS GUI backend

0.63 release: new GUI backend with
2D vector graphics, reactive programming, declarative DSLs, examples.
Cross-Platform GUI Metrics.
Date! type.
Additions to core, LibRed.
A test backend for View - for testing GUIs.
Additions to VID, Red/System dialect.

0.6.2: LibRed and Macros

0.62 release.
Better macro support.
Development and release modes for compilation.
LibRed, examples of embedding in C and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
Example of Excel/VB interaction- 'Pong' game.
Example of Red parsing with Excel.
system/lexer/pre-load. - examples of pre-processing console input.
Changes in 0.62: some new types, command-line arguments, call - to run external programs,
additions to Draw and parse dialects.
Example: draw/fill with gradients, patterns etc.

Incursion into "explorable explanations" lands

Example: using Red's reactive facilities for interactive modelling - alternative
voting systems.

Entering the World of Macros

Detailed article about Red macros.
Examples: A DSL a BASIC compiler.

Eve-style clock demo in Red, livecoded!

Livecoding in Red -a clock example - animations showing the clock, and its creation in Red.

Native reactive spreadsheet in 17 LOC

Example: spreadsheet in 17 lines of code, and an explanation of the program.

0.6.1: Reactive Programming

Reactive programming. Explanation.
Examples: GUI benefits.
Time! type.
View, vid, parse changes - examples.

0.6.0: Red GUI system

View, Vid, Draw. Examples: reactive GUI, form editing/validation.
Reactive GUI programming.
GUI console.
Object Ownership system.
Binary type.

Answers to community questions

Mainly about future directions.

0.5.4: New datatypes, exceptions and set operations

Pair! Percent! Tuple! Map!
Exception handling - throw, catch.
Set operations - union, exclude, intersect, difference, unique.
As-pair, break, continue, loop, extend, put, cause-error.

0.5.3: Faster compilation and extended vector! support

Redbin, mold.
Compilation from Rebol console.
Collation tables.
Vector! datatype.

0.5.2: Case folding and hash! support

Case folding.
Hash! datatype.

0.5.1: New console and errors support

New console engine.
Datatypes: error! typeset! vector!
Runtime type-checking.
Red/System improvements (NB Red/System is a different language from Red.)

Dream big, work hard and make it happen!

About Fullstack Technologies.

Objects implementation notes

Shadow objects and functions
Dynamic invocation

0.4.3: Floating point support

Float! datatype, IEEE-754 special values (NaN etc).
Armhf support.

0.4.2: Unicode console and FreeBSD support

New runtime lexer
Improved console
FreeBSD support

Project Ideas for the Google Summer of Code 2014

Project suggestions.

Year of the Horse

Nenad Rakocevic , Red's creator, reports on his year in China.

0.4.1: Introducing Parse

Examples: parsing IPv4 address, crude, but practical email address validator,
validating math expressions, parsing HTML subset.
The Parse dialect.
Bitset! datatype.
Parse implementation.
DSL support - Brain***k interpreter.

0.4.0: Red goes binary!

Discusses command-line options for running Red

0.3.3: Shared libraries and Android!
Java bridge, Android support, Shared lib generation

0.3.2: REPL release (Read-Eval-Print-Loop)

Details of the release.

Fast forwarding Red history

A video showing the growth of the project, in terms of commits.

Red v0.3.1: functions support added

Functions, paren expressions, path support.