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Red VID Example - Text Faces

Red [ needs 'view file: Author: "Mike Parr" ] view [ size 350x450 ;-- window size title "Text faces" ;-- window title t1: text white italic font [name: "Consolas" size: 16 color: black] " Red Vid Examples: text" return mytext: text 300x25 bold orange font-size 12 "Messages" return h1 "h1 size" h3 "h3 size" h5 "h5 size" return h5 "field: " 40x20 ;the enter-key event is used here: name-field: field "enter name" [print ["name-field holds " face/text] ] return a1: area white font [name: "Consolas" size: 10 color: black] {area with some text to edit } 130x160 [print "a1 changed"] ;-- do this when changed return ]